Skateboarding is a sport that trains not only the body, but also the mind and soul. It offers a unique opportunity to develop mental skills.

Each skateboard training season is themed around one mental competency. During the training we all pay attention to this in all kinds of ways.

One of the most important mental skills skateboarders develop is self-confidence. Skateboarding is a sport in which there is no right or wrong and in which skateboarders are constantly pushing their limits. Skateboarders must be confident in their skills and have the courage to try new tricks and take risks.

Skateboarding requires patience, perseverance and a willingness to make mistakes and keep trying. Skateboarders often face failures, but it is precisely by facing these challenges that they can develop their perseverance and learn not to give up at the first setback.

Skateboarding also offers a unique opportunity to be creative. Unlike many other sports, skateboarding does not have a set course or script. Skateboarders can develop their own style and decide for themselves which tricks they want to try.

Work together
Although skateboarding is actually an individual sport, there is also an extremely important community aspect to it. Of course you ultimately have to do it yourself, but other skateboarders can also challenge you to get the best out of yourself. In addition, they celebrate with you when a trick has finally succeeded.

Positive thinking
Finally, skateboarding helps to think positively. Skateboarders learn to see challenges as opportunities to grow and learn, rather than obstacles holding them back. Positive thinking is not only important on the skateboard, but also in everyday life.

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